I Am David

Learn more about David’s journey and timeless story

I Am David provides a wealth of teaching opportunities across the curriculum. Walden Media’s Educator’s Guide for I Am David is available for download here, and it features lesson plans aligned with national standards in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and Character Education.

The guides offer students valuable background information that provides a context for the film as well as activities that relate David’s story to issues relevant to students’lives today.

Also available is the I Am David Gameboard Activity for use with your students. This activity is specially adapted from educator materials produced by the United Nations High Commisssioner for Refugees.

Visit the other features on this web site to learn more about David’s journey and timeless story. The interactive map takes students along David’s physical journey while the profile of refugees in today’s world reminds us that there are many present day “Davids” who have had to flee their countries.

For additional educational materials and interactive discussions for I Am David, visit Walden.com.


“I Am David is an unusually intelligent adventure film, scaled for younger viewers, which never leaves adults behind. It is a faithful adaptation of Anne Holm’s respected novel about a Bulgarian boy's escape from a 1952 Stalinist labor camp in Bulgaria and his dangerous flight on foot to Denmark.... Superb young... Ben Tibber is an ideal and haunting embodiment of a youth damaged by imprisonment but wily enough to survive.” - Variety

“A genuinely moving story that avoids cheap sentimentality and earns our emotional involvement... with a remarkable performance by young Ben Tibber.”- Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

“A hymn to ordinary happiness ? which those in the free world take for granted.... Rare indeed to find a serious film that is also moving, historically accurate, well-made and appropriate for the whole family.”- Mona Charen, nationally syndicated columnist

“Artful, moving, and beautifully crafted. Superb performances make I Am David a film of unexpected emotional impact.”- Michael Medved, KRLA, Eye on Entertainment